Thank You From Cindy

Poster By Scrojo. Thank you Scrojo!

A note from Cindy regarding last Sunday's fundraiser in San Diego at the Ould Sod. 

"I want to thank all the wonderful people who attended the Ould Sod gathering this past Sunday on my behalf. It made me cry when I heard about you all being there. I just couldn’t believe that people would do that for me and it showed me how amazing and generous people are. That you all are. I am sorry to have missed seeing all your beautiful faces, but all this love and support is surely going to help me to heal faster. It's hard to find words big enough to express my gratitude to you all for coming out, taking part and contributing your hard earned money.

Photo by John Vaughn

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all and to the wonderful Sara Petite who's idea this was and who made this whole thing happen! And to all the amazing musicians who played Sunday, including Sara.

Thank you to the The Ould Sod for hosting the event in their fabulous pub, for the music from Sara Petite, The Hatchet Brothers, Frank Lee Drennen, Charlie McRee, Jack Reynolds, Gregory Page, the incredible Eve Selis and her band, Timothy Joseph, Jeffrey Alan Berkley and Berkley Hart, and big thank you to Scrojo for the fantastic poster art for the event and to Valerie Jean Hodge Reynolds and John Hector for apparently being audience wranglers and I'm sure a bunch more people I'm missing. So, thank you to EVERYONE, all of you, who made this possible!

This helps me more then you know! See you all soon and again a million thanks for helping take to take some stress off me during this challenging time in my life.

Big Love and Gratitude

Xox Cindy"

For more information about Cindy's condition and the Sweet Relief Fund set up to help cover her treatment costs pease visit